Tackling and preventing hyperpigmentation: In clinic treatments

What treatments do I recommend for your hyperpigmentation? To begin your clear skin journey, I will see you for an in-depth consultation where we will discuss your skin issues and I will take a deeper look at your skin using My Observ Skin Analysis machine. Observe skin analysis is a diagnostic imaging device that visualises …

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Types of pigmentation

What is pigmentation? Are you using various shades of concealer and foundations to even out your skin tone and disguise imperfections? That uneven skin tone is called pigmentation. If you have darker patches: this is known as hyperpigmentation.  If you have lighter patches: this is known as hypopigmentation.  Generally, hypopigmentation is caused by skin disorders, …

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Dermal Fillers

The thought of having dermal fillers, for some patients, is accompanied by a fear of looking overinflated and the unknown, especially when it is the first time having dermal fillers. Some of our patients stress, often with panic, that they fear looking misshapen or like a caricature of themselves; simply because of the images portrayed …

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