Do you tweak and tell?

Over the past decade, aesthetic treatments or tweakments have become more and more popular. Through social media and other online platforms, you can see how treatments are performed and what the latest trends are.

Tweakments are happening and it’s no big secret…or is it?

In my clinic in the village of Penistone situated on the outskirts of Sheffield, I have a bit of divide when it comes to this subject, I could separate them into 3 types of people. The “Shouters from the rooftops” the “If they as, I’ll tell” and the “Strick need to know basis” group.

Shouters from the rooftops

So, this bunch can’t stop talking about what they are having done, what they have had done and their before and after pictures are plastered everywhere.

You just try and not notice their new perfectly contoured chin I dare you; I double dare you! Well even if you don’t, you’ll soon have the full lowdown on the whole treatment process.

If they ask, I’ll tell

Now this group likes to keep their (tweakment) cards close to their chest, but if you happen to notice their perfect pout or that their eyebrows seem to be always on fleek these days, they will let you into their secret.

Strick need to know basis

Now even Mission Impossible Ethan Hawk can’t crack this team! Their smooth forehead and refreshed look have all come from simple Obagi facials and the most amazing skincare and plenty of water…obviously!! Even close family members don’t know their secret for looking fabulous 24/7.

Which one do you fall into?

Can you relate to those categories?

Which one do you think you fall into?

Whichever group you may fall into, it’s all good. In my opinion, having any aesthetic treatment is for you, to make you feel awesome about what you see in the mirror. I always say look good feel good, feel-good look good.

My treatments are all carried out to achieve a more natural result, I’m all about restoring, refreshing, and maintaining, with a dash of correction if necessary.

Those who “Shout it from the rooftops” do this as they are usually super excited about their natural results and want to share everything with everyone, they just want everyone to be able to experience the same joy of looking and feeling refreshed, youthful, or generally extra fabulous.

The “If they ask, I’ll tellers” love their results too, especially when people look at them with that questioning look. They usually tell me they have been getting compliments like, you look well, have you been on holiday? They love having an air of mystery about them.

These natural enhancements are obviously a big hit with my 3rd group of patients, their strict need-to-know stance on what tweakments they have can be easily maintained and are defiantly plausible

So will you tweak and tell?

Why not head over to my website and have a look at the treatments I offer and what problems I can solve.

Book yourself in for a well-needed pamper or tweakment. If you are unsure what’s best for you, book in for a face-to-face or online consultation.