Obagi Skin Care

support and boost results from other treatments

It doesn’t matter what other treatments you are having , you will only get the best result if you are using a targeted skincare. It’s basically your foundation for everything. The Obagi Skincare range will support and boost results from all your other treatments.

I get so excited when I start my patients on this skincare range, it is amazing!

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With the added benefit of my Observ520, we can analyse your skin and see exactly what products you need.

We can mix and match the products to create a bespoke skincare regime to target your individual skin concerns, or you can dive in with one of the full systems.

Whatever you decide, you will see results within the 1st couple of weeks. You will love how your skin will glow, feel smoother and refreshed.

Obagi skincare is a medical range and really packs a punch. I have had great results clearing acne, rosacea and different degrees of pigmentation for my clients. But the biggest improvement is their confidence!

How old do I have to be to start using Obagi Products?

I have patients as young as 13 using the Obagi products. You will just need to come along with a parent or guardian for your consultation.

Can I use these products if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

As this is a Medical skincare range, most of the products contain active ingredients that are not suitable. Don’t worry, I have tailored Obagi skincare regimes for my patients through their pregnancies and nursing.

I have sensitive skin will these products suit me?

During your consultation, I will go through your medical history and your current skincare regime. I will have a thorough look at your skin and you will be offered a full analysis using the Observ520 machine.

I often treat patients with sensitive skin conditions such as eczema and even rosacea. The products I will recommend will be tailored to your skin type and condition. You can always take home samples to try first too!


During a consultation we can chat about the different results I have helped my patients achieve. What concerns you have, how they make you feel and how you would like to feel about what you see in the mirror.

We can perform an in depth analysis of your face using the fabulous Observ520 machine. This machine will analyse your face under different lights, we can see what’s really going on under the surface.

We can chat about all the treatments and products that I’d recommend. Together we can create a bespoke treatment plan and skincare regime to suit you.