WOW Facial

Pamper with Purpose

These facials are part of my Pamper with Purpose Range. The WOW facial® truly is the WOW factor treatment! Not only will you feel completely pampered, each stage can be tailored to target any skin concerns you may have! Now that’s WOW!!

I offer 4 different Wow Facial® options:

  • The Ultimate Wow
  • Mini Wow
  • Wow I’m pregnant
  • Wow I’m getting married
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The Ultimate Wow

The Ultimate Wow uses the most advanced skincare technologies, carefully selected and meticulously arranged to leave skin glowing, luminous, and healthy, with long-lasting results.

My Ultimate Wow is a seven-stage transformational facial.

1. Cleanse & Prep 2. Peel & Treat 3. Dermaplaning 4. WOW Fusion® 5. LED Light 6. ‘The Mask’ 7. Finish & Protect

Mini Wow

1. Cleanse & Prep 2. Peel & Treat 3.Dermaplaning 4.WOW Light 5. ‘The Mask’ 6. Finish & Protect

Wow I’m pregnant

1. Cleanse & Prep 2. Dermaplaning 3. WOW Light 4. ‘The Mask’ 5. Finish & Protect

Wow I’m getting married

A bespoke combination of the different stages

What Happens At Each Stage?

Cleanse &Prep – Wow’s specially formulated active cleanser starts the exfoliation process to prepare for the resurfacing peel.

Treat & Peel – One of our active ingredient peels is selected for you, designed to treat the most common skin issues.

Dermaplaning – This is an added extra that my patients love. It’s a little bit of extra exfoliation, also great for getting rid of the peach fuzz!

Wow Fusion -Next a unique cocktail is created for your skin type using our revolutionary WOW fusion skin needling device.

Wow Light – The LED mask heals and stimulates using professional strength blue, red and green LED lights.

Wow Mask – The WOW mask is a cult beauty classic, supercharging the skin with hydration stem cells and peptide.

Finish & Protect – The ideal finishing solution. Our hydrating cream and SPF50 will be applied for the WOW factor.

How Often Should I Have A WOW Facial?

I recommend having a wow treatment as often as 6 weeks, it just depends what ingredients we add to the wow fusion stage. Certain ingredients are only used every 12 weeks.


During a consultation we can chat about the different results I have helped my patients achieve. What concerns you have, how they make you feel and how you would like to feel about what you see in the mirror.

We can perform an in depth analysis of your face using the fabulous Observ520 machine. This machine will analyse your face under different lights, we can see what’s really going on under the surface.

We can chat about all the treatments and products that I’d recommend. Together we can create a bespoke treatment plan and skincare regime to suit you.