Bespoke skincare cocktails

WOW fusion is an innovative needling device that allows me to create bespoke skincare cocktails in the little glass vial that is ideal for your skincare needs. A truly tailored, signature treatment.

Wow Fusion is part of the Ultimate Wow Facial but is offered as a fabulous stand-alone treatment too!

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The WOW fusion gives you fantastic skin. You get the benefit of micro-needling with the addition of mesotherapy. The micro-needling helps stimulate collagen and elastin for a more youthful-looking skin and the WOW fusion serum hydrates, brightens, stimulates and improves the texture and tone of the skin.

Now that’s WOW

How often should I have a Wow fusion?

Timings between treatments can differ depending on what we are treating.

Treatment intervals could range from 2 to 12 weekly.

This will be discussed in your consultation.

Will It Hurt?

There can be a little discomfort with this treatment, generally it is comfortable. Depending on what area we are treating, numbing cream can be used.

How Many Will I Need?

Wow Fusion can be done as a one off treatment but for longer lasting and sustained results a course of treatments is beneficial.


During a consultation we can chat about the different results I have helped my patients achieve. What concerns you have, how they make you feel and how you would like to feel about what you see in the mirror.

We can perform an in depth analysis of your face using the fabulous Observ520 machine. This machine will analyse your face under different lights, we can see what’s really going on under the surface.

We can chat about all the treatments and products that I’d recommend. Together we can create a bespoke treatment plan and skincare regime to suit you.