When do lip fillers settle?

“Lip filler treatments involve injecting a Hyaluronic Acid based gel into the lips and sometimes the surrounding area.”

There are many different types of dermal filler on the market varying in quality and therefore price. This is generally a reflection of the price of treatment, longevity, and overall results. The higher the quality of the product, the higher the price of treatment, sounds simple right! My clinic is situated in the town of Penistone in Sheffield, I treat my patients with only the highest quality products there for my prices reflect that.

The tissue of the lips and surrounding area are very delicate and vascular, so some bruising and swelling are to be expected when having a needle inserted and filler deposited under the skin of the lips.

But how long does this swelling last and when will your lip filler settle?

In my opinion, the answer to this question depends on different variables.

1) What type of dermal filler has been used?

2) The amount of dermal filler injected.

3) The lip filler technique used to inject the dermal filler, was a needle used or a canula?

4) Is there another dermal filler in the lips or, are they virgin lips?

Then we have the human aspect of things, some people just swell more than others. Swelling can be different even in the same patient at different treatment times. The only certain thing I can say is there is always going to be some degree of swelling post lip filler treatments.

In general, the lips will be swollen immediately after the procedure, patients report their lips feeling quite stiff and tender immediately after their treatment.

The following day your lips will still feel quite hard, tender, and swollen. Bruises may also be visible. There shouldn’t be any excruciating pain or excessive swelling though, if you do experience increased and unbearable pain or the swelling seems to be getting worse you must contact your practitioner immediately as this could be a sign of complications, which will need to be resolved promptly to avoid any permanent damage occurring.

This stiff swollen feeling usually lasts for around 4 to 7 days in most of my patients’ experiences, at this stage they report that their lips begin to soften, and the swelling has near enough settled. Sometimes the lips can feel slightly lumpy for a while too, especially immediately after treatment, this is usually due to trauma from the injections. The lips may also appear slightly uneven initially and will begin to even out over the next couple of weeks as the swelling and any bruising subsides.

A good quality premium filler such as Kysense or Juvéderm, which are my favourite dermal filler brands, should not leave you will permanent lumps and bumps as it will integrate perfectly into your tissues giving natural softness to the lips.

“If you are considering lip fillers, you should generally expect any swelling or bruising to settle within 2 weeks.”

Full integration, however, can take up to and beyond 8 weeks. Therefore, I wait at least 8 weeks before adding more filler as part of any treatment plan.

Cool packs are a great way of helping to reduce the tenderness and some degree of swelling, I have some cooling in my clinic fridge for my patients to take home following their treatment.  I will also give you a little pot of arnica gel to apply to your lips too.